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Please note that Seven Points Capital, LLC is a proprietary trading firm and is not soliciting customers or customer relationships by means of this website or otherwise. Furthermore, Seven Points Capital, LLC is not offering for sale any securities or other financial products, nor is it soliciting any transactions or investments, through this website. The information on this website is not intended to constitute investment, legal or tax advice and may not be relied upon as such by any person. Seven Points Capital, LLC maintains this website for informational purposes only and undertakes no obligation regarding the information contained herein.

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Seven Points Capital is a Broker Dealer operating as a multi-strategy proprietary trading firm. Based in New York City with additional offices in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Toronto, we seek the best and brightest traders and encourage them to perform at their full potential. As a trading firm built by traders, we understand the importance of balancing risk vs reward, as well as the value of challenging each others thinking to become better traders.


Our traders are expected to perform at the highest level regardless of what the market throws at them and to make decisions in an instant based on what they have learned. This ability to perform under pressure comes from the constant teachings of the markets and the psychology and discipline needed to navigate them successfully.


It’s this balance that has led Seven Points Capital to become an industry leading firm.

Once trainees are selected, we devote tremendous resources into developing a consistently profitable trader.

We make sure to have everyone's interests aligned to allow our trainees to progress quicker and perform at a high level on a consistent basis.

Dynamic cultures that blends collaboration of ideas with healthy competition.

Our difference begins with our selection process. We are very selective with the candidates that join our team.

We do not charge education fees or commissions.

The firm is only profitable once the trader is.

Traders do not contribute any capital.


"What makes Seven Points Capital an industry leader is that they keep evolving with the market and incorporate new strategies. The firm is well diversified and has a tight risk management process in place. While trading is stressful, the trading floor is laid-back and fun. You can play ping pong or basketball, watch TV, or sit with friends to release stress. Everyone gets involved in sharing ideas and insights as well as to discover new strategies."

— Jen S.