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Securities Trader 

Securities Trader (New York, NY)
• Levering technology to construct portfolios by focusing on automated trading strategy development, based on market micro-structure at varying time horizons across equities. Specifically, such responsibilities shall include risk-level data analysis and real-world trading simulation;
• Building up and improving high frequency trading strategies, including Market Making, Daily Pivots, Statistical Arbitrage, and Event Arbitrage, utilizing sophisticated technological applications and computer algorithms to trade securities in a timely manner;
• Conducting research on large volumes of data obtained from Sterling Trader and analyzing the statistics including pivots, ranges, volume, volatility, and moving average, and accordingly developing the statistical and mathematical models in MATLAB, or R;
• Utilizing top-down approaches in stock selection, reviewing macroeconomic information and industry trends, and searching for highly-correlated stocks under paired trading strategy to hedge risks;
• Utilizing C++, R, and MATLAB to build up predictive models of risk and return of stock process, and building quantitative trading algorithms based on the predictive models;
• Conducting technical and fundamental analysis on stocks over varied equities, and monitoring Candle Stick Bar Charts and Level II Quotes to render trading decisions and judgments;
• Establishing options trading positions (including bull call/put, long straddle/strangle), hedging position (including delta hedging, gamma hedging and zero cost collar) and arbitrage positions (including synthetic long/short call/out), and conducting option pricing practices using Binomial Methods and Black-Scholes Methods.


Master’s degree in Finance, Engineering or Business required.
Please MAIL ONLY send resume to Seven Points Capital, LLC, ATTN: Human Resources, 805 3rd Avenue, FL 11,  New York, NY 10022