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Please note that Seven Points Capital, LLC is a proprietary trading firm and is not soliciting customers or customer relationships by means of this website or otherwise. Furthermore, Seven Points Capital, LLC is not offering for sale any securities or other financial products, nor is it soliciting any transactions or investments, through this website. The information on this website is not intended to constitute investment, legal or tax advice and may not be relied upon as such by any person. Seven Points Capital, LLC maintains this website for informational purposes only and undertakes no obligation regarding the information contained herein.



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We are very open to backgrounds that may not include direct trading experience, so long as the candidate can demonstrate knowledge of the markets and the ability and inclination to develop a robust approach to execution strategy. Those without trading experience should include their standardized test scores and any relevant licensing or other information to indicate your level of ability.


Use the form below to apply. Please do not submit multiple applications - only the first submission from a candidate will be considered.

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