The ability to perform under pressure comes from the constant teachings of the markets and the psychology and discipline needed to navigate them successfully.
The Seven Points Difference:
  • Our difference begins with our selection process. We are very selective with the candidates that join our team.
  • Fitting into our culture is just as important as smarts, work ethic and other characteristics.
  • Once trainees are selected, we devote tremendous resources into developing a consistently profitable trader.
  • We do not charge education fees or commissions.
  • Traders do not contribute any capital.
  • The firm is only profitable once the trader is.
  • We make sure to have everyone's interests aligned to allow our trainees to progress quicker and perform at a high level on a consistent basis.
A Day in the life of a trader
Corporate Culture

“Seven Points taught me the ability to make the right decisions at the right time under pressure. The firm is energetic, fun and encouraging at all levels.”

Claire Z

“At Seven Points Capital I have the freedom to work independently as well as collaboratively. The firm focuses on education on a daily basis and stresses the idea that every day is a learning day when trading. As a trader I enjoy contributing my ideas while learning from other experienced traders. It helps me become a more successful trader. The culture of the firm is dynamic, transparent, encouraging and motivating. I love coming to work every day.”

Krishna J

“Seven Points is focused on their traders. As a young trader who has traded at other firms I feel Seven Points separates themselves with the firm culture and its focus on education. The firm listens to all voices and ideas regardless of how long you have been with the firm. For example, I recommended a more powerful news source to the firm and within a week it was implemented. It’s a great place to work.”

Mike D

“A good trader is someone who is able to deal with failure on a consistent basis, while still maintaining his/her confidence. In addition, a good trader thinks in terms of risk rather than potential profit. I learned this at Seven Points Capital. The culture is different than other firms because Seven Points is full of traders that not only enjoy trading, but also love to win. This combination creates an intensity that gets the best out each of us.

I love coming into work every day because each day is entirely different from the last and the desk is filled with people that are not only great coworkers and traders, they are great friends.”

John R

“What makes Seven Points Capital an industry leader is that they keep evolving with the market and incorporate new strategies. The firm is well diversified and has a tight risk management process in place. While trading is stressful, the trading floor is laid-back and fun. You can play ping pong or basketball, watch TV, or sit with friends to release stress. Everyone gets involved in sharing ideas and insights as well as to discover new strategies.”

Jen S
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